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Studio Policies


Students will learn to be musicians and oboists. I believe in meeting you where you are and helping you get to where you want to go musically. Whether your goal is to get into a conservatory or just to have fun I will customize the lessons to meet your needs. I will supplement the method books used in the student's band class with etudes, exercises and solo pieces according to their developmental playing level. I am very open to students bringing music that they are interested in learning to their lessons. I will also assign students to learn tunes by ear. To play musically we need to know what the music should sound like in our head, not just what it looks like on a page! 


I offer optional "choose your own adventure" style electives. (conducting, composing, recording, reed making etc). These 20 minute lessons would be scheduled directly before or after the oboe lesson.  

Monthly Tuition

Tuition is due at the beginning of each month except the first month which you can pay for weekly to make sure you feel the lessons are a good fit. You can choose between 30 minute and hour long weekly lessons. I also offer optional 20 minute electives in addition to lessons. Contact me through the website form for current tuition rates.

Cancellation Policy

I will do my best to reschedule lessons in the event of a student emergency or conflict. 24-hour notice is expected to accommodate rescheduling. Cancellations without any notice may preclude rescheduling based on my availability. I do not pro-rate lesson costs for missed lessons, but months with five weeks you get a free lesson! Any cancellation due to an emergency or planned absence on my part would be made up or pro rated from the next months tuition according to your preference. 


Students are encouraged to participate in at least one studio recital each year at the PYCO school of music in Wexford, PA. 


I understand that COVID is a serious concern and I want to be open in my communication with parents on this topic. I am fully vaccinated and offering in person or zoom lessons according to your comfort level. In the case of any symptoms I ask that students stay home and I will reschedule the lesson or hold a lesson over zoom. We want to keep each other safe and healthy! Contact me with any further questions. 


I ask that students buy reeds and come to lessons with at least two working reeds at all times. I am happy to give recommendations. I can also bring student's reeds home with me to fix and adjust but they will have to undergo a dunk in alcohol and a quarantine period so plan on not seeing them until your next lesson. Students may also choose to take reed making as one of their electives with my approval. 

Contact me through the website form with any questions. 

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